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This versatile workout style was designed by Personal Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach Lynda LaCoax.

With 20+ years of combined training in dance, gymnastics, yoga, ballet, and various other disciplines she has merged the concepts and created a workout routine that is as relaxing as it is challenging!


Bend Tyro™ -   This beginner version of Bend focuses on building the strength necessary for the upper levels of the class. An excellent stretch and tone for all ages and levels of fitness. This is also a great choice for those with range of motion issues and mobility constraints.


Bend Apprentice™  - This intermediate version of Bend is where you will gain increased flexibility and start some serious core training. 


Bend Master™ - This is 2 hours of intense strength conditioning and flexibility training. If you want a challenge with the ability to help you gain flexibility and body awareness while providing some serious muscle tone and definition then this is the class for you. 

HOT - The Bend Class/ HOT is a heated version of the full stretch class that is held in Cookeville's first hot yoga studio, A Better Me Yoga. Infrared heat penetrates into the muscle tissue allowing you to get the fullest stretch possible. 

ISOMETRIC - Stillness, body awareness, endurance, and self-control. All of these are hallmarks of the Isometric method of working out. This class consists of sets of isometric poses for strength and sets of stretches for each muscle group to ease tension and create flexibility.